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Money with Friends

Sep 30, 2019

Walmart is encouraging more of its employees to head to college, specifically for health-related degrees as it attempts to go big in the pharmacy and other health-related businesses. Is this Walmart's way of helping employees earn more or just another way for them to control another facet of retail? Joe and Bobbi will...

Sep 28, 2019

Investigators have found that Wall Street scam artists have found new ways to dupe borrowers who are desperate to get out of crushing student debt and avoid defaulting on their loans. Bobbi and Joe explain the new ways victims are being scammed, and reveal the results of the latest money friends quiz.

Sep 27, 2019

An airport baggage handler recently got caught after building an advisory business of more than 900 clients, who gave him $172 million to manage. They were all duped into believing he was the real thing, in part because of his popular Facebook group.

Sep 26, 2019

ON today's podcast Joe and Bobbi will share who the thought leaders are that you'll be hearing from the next four months on the show. There will be FIVE members of "team Bobbi" and FOUR members of "team Joe." We'll also maybe share why there's a difference....

As you'll see, we're excited to share leaders from all over...

Sep 25, 2019

WeWork Founder Adam Neumann was forced out late Tuesday, according to the New York Times and other sources. What lessons can YOU learn about your career and your money from this situation? It turns out there are many, as Joe & Bobbi point out on today's episode. Enjoy!