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Money with Friends

Oct 23, 2019

News of the biggest winner ever on the game show "The Price is Right" sparks the question: do you really always know the price you are paying for everyday items before you check out? Bobbi and guest co-host smart-shopping expert Trae Bodge get honest about their own experiences, and the live audience shares some truths...

Oct 22, 2019

Amazon is upping its game once again and offering just about anything delivered overnight free for prime members. But Bobbi and guest co-host, smart-shopping expert Trae Bodge explain the true cost. Plus the money friends weigh in with their strong opinions and comments, plus their votes in our latest poll.

Oct 21, 2019

Investment manager Ken Fisher is STILL in the news after many big investors (pension funds and endowments) either pull money from his firm or mull over whether they should make moves. Today Joe and Bobbi discuss both empathy and communication. Not only do investment managers need to be held accountable for their...

Oct 19, 2019

Venture capitalists aren’t the only ones feeling the tech unicorn hangover. Public pensions have been investing in the private markets, where tech unicorns have raised the bulk of their funding, meaning teachers and firemen could eventually face some of the fallout- as could, for example, university endowments....

Oct 18, 2019

Business investment in new equipment is likely in for a prolonged slump but investors should be careful in how they react to the strategy. Joe and guest co-host Bigger Pockets founder and real estate investing expert Josh Dorkin explain the issues and the best course of action for retail investors.